The Best Electric Shaver for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up and what better way to let a great Dad know  he’s appreciated than with a great gift. The kids have the handmade greeting cards ready to go, so all you need to do is to find the perfect gift for him. But obviously he’s not going to get that new truck he wants, or flat screen TV, as the family has a seriously tight budget. Most men would benefit from a brand new electric shaver for Father’s Day. Especially when it won the best electric shaver title this year. Many men just suffer with their old electric shavers, because they’re hesitant to replace it due to cost. They may feel uncomfortable tossing the old one in the garbage. But nowadays you don’t have to toss the old one in the trash, and in fact, many cities discourage this practice. Check with your local city’s recycling depot, as many take old electric shavers and other small appliances. They recycle these parts, so they don’t take up space in the landfills. A new electric shaver for Father’s Day will provide a clean smooth shave, so Dad will look great for work or special occasions. If his shave is currently looking a bit uneven, or he seems to have stubble by noon, it may be time for find the best electric shaver on the market. An electric shaver isn’t something that people buy for themselves regularly. It’s like a toaster, microwave, or coffee maker–you run it into the ground, then buy a new one. Yet people seem to have no issues with buying twenty pairs of shoes or a new smart phone case every week. Most men are waiting for a new electric shaver for Father’s Day, because they probably aren’t going to be replacing their worn out old one any time soon. Another great reason for replacing Dad’s old shaver is because of the length of time he’s spending in the bathroom. If it’s taking him an increasingly long time to shave around all the nooks and crannies on his face, and he’s constantly having to shave over and over in the same spot, it’s time for a new electric shaver. Does your husband’s face look red and irritated after he shaves? Even the foil or rotary on an electric shaver can start denting, and causing the cutting blades to grab and pull hairs on the face, rather than shaving them off cleanly off. This means that it’s time to replace the old electric shaver with a new one. Having a bad shaver that rips hair out painfully, or leaves skin red and raw is defeating the purpose of making a man look good for work or a special occasion, such as a Father’s Day brunch. It’s time for a new one. I finally decided on an electric shaver for my husband, for Father’s Day. We’ll recycle the old one during our last chance for spring cleaning before summer begins. I can’t wait to touch his smooth clean face after he tries the new one out.

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