I have a busy few months behind me, but I feel better than ever! Now that Noah is older I have decided to do something useful with that extra time and energy. I am volunteering at Sheila’s school… well not as much volunteering as being part of the PTA group and taking on some extra responsibility.

It has first started with the annual bake sale and fundraiser. While it is nice to do things the old – fashioned way, there was a lack of engagement last year and we were looking for new ideas to raise more money this year. I have come up with the idea of a website for the bake sale and other fundraiser events at the school that are powered by the PTA group.

Long story short, I had to create a website and that is when I bumped into the first obstacle. I did not remember how hard it was to find a Domain Name! Maybe there are more websites now and that is why it’s harder to find one that is free, maybe I have just come up with a really generic name, I don’t know. The important thing is that I have come across a great website which helped me with my Domain Name Search and I would like to share it with you in case you are ever faced with the same problem. 

The name of the website is domaintyper.com and it can not only help in finding a Domain Name, but it also compares prices for you. You can choose the lowest price and buy it through the provider that is offering it. It really just has everything in one place and that is why I find it very convenient.

Imagine that you are looking for a name for your website and have your heart set on something and then you find that it has been TAKEN! The feeling is devastating, but it shouldn’t be the end of your Domain Name Search! DomainTyper gives you options for your name with other extensions. So even though .com might be taken, .net or .org can still be available and just as good. You can even make up a funny domain name with an unusual extension, such as .ly and it might even be cheaper in the end. Two birds with one stone…

DomainTyper also comes up with suggestions for an alternative Domain Name, in case you can’t think of anything appropriate for your website. It can be really hard when you already had something in your mind to think of an alternative.

So that is what I wanted to tell you about today and I hope that you will find this website as useful as I did if you are in the process of creating a website.

P.S.: The bake sale went great and we are doing monthly fundraiser events now. It feels great to do something meaningful!